Our Candles

At the Home County Candle Co. each of our products is inspired by the outstanding natural beauty abundant in each of the places which have inspired us. When creating our luxury soy candles we are therefore keen to have as little environmental impact as possible. With this in mind, each of our candles is made using natural soy wax and wooden wicks for a longer, cleaner and more environmentally-friendly burn.

Home County Candle Co. - vegan soy candles handmade in the home counties

Our candles

Our mission is to create sustainable products inspired by the Home Counties. Therefore, all of our candles are produced using natural soy wax developed and manufactured in the UK. Soy wax is produced using pure soy bean oil, which is a natural, 100% vegetable sustainable source. Our wax is not only therefore biodegradable but also vegan friendly. 

We wick all of our candles with wooden wicks, which not only look fantastic and burn with a delightful crackling sound, but are also more sustainable long term than traditional cotton wicks, due to the pesticide-intensive process of cotton farming.

Candle Care

On first burn please take care to burn your candle for at least 2-3 hours, to ensure the wax pool reaches the sides of the glass and to avoid tunnelling on future burns. Never burn a candle for more than 4 hours though.

Always aim to keep the wick trimmed to approximately 5mm. This keeps the flame at a safe height and allows optimum performance.

If you’d like to re-use your candle jar once you’re finished with your candle simply pour boiling water in (making sure you’ve got a metal spoon in the jar so the glass doesn’t crack!). The wax will then sit on the top and you can skim it off into the bin. Then wash your glass out or pop it in the dishwasher and it's ready to be re-used!